Unwilling brushers? How do you get your young child to brush their teeth?

Brushing teeth is not the most enjoyable activity for kids, but it is essential to maintain their oral health. But how can one make them brush teeth without the battle? We all know that forcing young children to do things they dislike or don’t want to do often results in less than ideal cooperation. We empathize with you – truly!

Teaching children good oral hygiene can be a daily struggle for a lot of parents. However, as the kids’ dentists point out, it’s a battle worth having, as infections, speech delays, dental pain and infections have been linked to poor oral hygiene.

Our children’s dentist in Mount Waverley shares these tips for parents to make brushing time less of a hassle:

Make tooth brushing seem amusing

As per certified children’s dentists, making brushing fun is one of the best ways to motivate kids to do it. By brushing with them, letting them pick the toothbrush and toothpaste, or making silly faces while you brush, you can make it more enjoyable. Additionally, instead of telling them to brush their teeth, you could also ask them if they want to. This way they will feel involved in the decision and are more likely to cooperate.

By creating a quick, enjoyable routine with your child, you can spend more time with them, teach them some helpful tooth-brushing techniques, and monitor how long they are brushing for.

Find funny brushing videos

With children, everything takes longer, including getting dressed, eating, travelling, and brushing teeth. However, making them brush their teeth for 2 whole minutes might seem like an impossible task. You can make them watch a humorous tooth-brushing video while they brush teeth to ensure that they brush their teeth without any battle.

These entertaining but educational videos, most of which last two minutes, help teach kids how to brush their teeth. Kids dentists always advise parents to choose a video that they feel is appropriate for their children and that they know their children will enjoy.

Purchase an electric toothbrush

Kids love to try things that look like toys. Thus, an appealing toothbrush may seem like a good option for kids just beginning to brush. Additionally, using an electric toothbrush requires less manual dexterity and movement. Another advantage of an electric toothbrush is that they have brushing timers, which ensure that users brush for 2-minutes at a time.

Children’s dentists in Mount Waverley advise finding an electric toothbrush that is made especially for kids, one that is easy for them to hold and has a head that fits in their mouths comfortably.

If you have a reluctant brusher, call Syndal Dentistry.

Our children’s dentist in Mount Waverley advises everyone to brush their teeth twice daily for two minutes. The time restriction will ensure all harmful bacteria is removed from teeth, prevents plaque accumulation and cavities. Make sure your child brushes across each of the tooth’s surface, particularly the molars.

Our kids’ dentist in Mount Waverley makes brushing fun and can help clean your teeth so they look clean and stay strong. Syndal Dentistry specialises in caring for kids and helps them understand the importance of oral health. Have your child learn from us on the importance of brushing and how enjoyable it can be with an appointment.


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