Achieve a picture-perfect smile with our teeth whitening treatment near Glen Waverley

The desire for a picture-perfect smile isn’t new. But, if you feel your smile is yellower than it usually is or lacks the spark it needs to flaunt on social media, then you may be in need of a teeth whitening treatment.

Syndal Dentistry’s certified dentists at Glen Waverley can help with a wide range of options for restoring your smile, including teeth whitening. We rebuild your smile using the latest cosmetic procedures to give reliable, long-lasting results.

What is the teeth whitening procedure?

Teeth whitening is the process of restoring your teeth’s natural colour. This is done by removing stains and lightening the colour using modern restorative techniques. It is one of the most common and widely adopted cosmetic procedures near Glen Waverley.

Reasons to have your teeth whitened

Tooth discolouration is caused by a variety of factors. Although, many causes can be avoided some are beyond your control. Some factors that cause discolouration may include:

  • Frequent consumption of coffee, tea, soft drinks, and wine

  • Tobacco use, including smoking and chewing

  • High-fluoride intake during childhood

  • Traumatic or accidental damage while developing adult teeth

  • Medical treatments that contribute to tooth staining

Ageing can also cause tooth staining. Dentine is the softer surface beneath the hard, white outer shell of your teeth (enamel). Brushing thins the outer enamel layer, allowing more of the yellowish dentin to show through. Plus, the dentine may come in contact with certain foods and beverages as you age, which can further stain your teeth.

Tips for long-lasting results

Our dentists recommend the following to extend the life of newly-whitened teeth:

  • Avoid dark-coloured foods and beverages for a week or longer

  • Sip dark-coloured beverages through a straw

  • Brush and floss your teeth after each meal

  • Maintain good oral hygiene

  • Visit the dentist for periodic check-ups and teeth whitening treatment near Glen Waverley or your area twice a year.

At Syndal Dentistry Glen Waverley, we are delighted to give you a beautiful smile that’s healthy and lasts long. Our caring, professional staff is committed to help you get quality, affordable dental care in a friendly and inviting environment.

Reach out to us to know how we can advise you on your teeth whitening treatment plan near Glen Waverley so you can start smiling and laughing again with confidence.

Note: Whitening results are not permanent. So, if you want to keep your sparkling smile intact, you will require periodic cleaning as your whitening fades off.

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