Resin veneers, or composite resin veneers, is a cost-effective alternative to dental veneers. A material called resin composite is bonded directly to the tooth to fix a variety of cosmetic concerns and give a natural smile. After your smile is assessed and treatment planned, dental bonding is customised to your smile, and has the added advantage of same-day treatment!

Resin bonding can correct problems similar to what a veneer can, including:

Mild crowding: Dental bonding can mask and realign slightly crooked teeth

Gaps between teeth: Dental bonding can close gaps by lengthening or widening your teeth

Whiten your smile: You may choose to have your dental bonding match the natural shade of your teeth as closely as possible, but you can also choose a brighter, whiter shade with your dental bonding. Bonding can also mask discoloured teeth.

Repair a chipped tooth: Dental bonding is a conservative way to fix a chipped or broken tooth - there is minimal or even no preparation required.

Irregular, worn, misshapen teeth: Like veneers, dental bonding can realign and re-shape teeth to give a straight, natural smile.

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