Orthodontics is a field of dentistry where we move and straighten teeth.

There are many reasons you would consider having dental braces or Invisalign to achieve straight teeth near Doncaster:

Aesthetics: It is without a doubt that straight teeth play a huge part in an individual’s appearance. Research has shown that the mouth/teeth is an area where people’s eyes are drawn when assessing someone’s face. A study conducted by the American Journal of Orthodontics and Orthopedics demonstrated that an individual with straight teeth is perceived to be more intelligent and more likely hired for a job compared to someone with a non-ideal smile. 

Ease of cleaning: Crooked or misaligned teeth make it easier for plaque to get trapped and harder to floss between your teeth (even if you’re an excellent brusher and flosser!). In the long run, this can possibly result in decay or gum disease. As a consequence, you may require fillings or notice that there are gaps/black triangles between your teeth. If your teeth are straight and well-aligned, it’s much easier to brush, floss and remove the disease-causing bacterial plaque. It definitely pays to have straight teeth!

Correct bite problems: Well-aligned teeth can help with symptoms of Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) as well as reduce the risk of excessive tooth wear caused by misaligned teeth. 

Our dentists near Doncaster offer traditional dental braces, as well as clear aligner treatment, including Invisalign and Sure Smile near Doncaster. We’ll do a comprehensive, individualised assessment of your teeth to come up with a personalised plan best suited to your wants and needs. 

Different ways you can straighten teeth

Clear aligners, also known as Invisalign®, are a type of orthodontic treatment which involves moving teeth by wearing a series of “invisible” custom-moulded trays. 

There are advantages to clear aligners over traditional metal braces, including:

  • Less noticeable: As the name says, clear aligners are transparent, which means they are often not even noticeable when you wear them. This is a very attractive option for people who work in industries where they may have to often interact face-to-face with other people. 
  • Easier to clean: Aligners can be taken off so that you can clean your teeth and aligners, making oral hygiene a much easier task than traditional braces. To learn more about Invisalign®, please head to our dedicated page for more information. 

Traditional braces

Traditional or metal braces are small buttons that are glued to each tooth that require movement. These metal brackets are connected by a wire and each is secured with an elastic. As a result, gentle pressure is applied to the teeth, which encourages the movement of teeth over time. 

There are numerous instances where metal braces would provide an advantage over other modalities, including:

  • Complex movements: Metal being stiffer allows for more controlled movement of teeth in certain directions. This is especially relevant to cases where correction to the bite is required. 
  • Compliance: Metal braces are bonded to the teeth, and there is no option to remove them! This means that the braces are always working. In contrast, clear aligners can be removed and require extremely high compliance for a good result.

Quick straight teeth

Whether it is clear aligners or metal braces, the truth is that most people want them off as soon as possible. The most common question that patients are interested in is ‘how long will it take’. As there is much demand for quick straight teeth, the good news is that for many patients it is possible to straighten teeth within 3-12 months. This can be accomplished with either clear aligners as well as metal dental braces at your Doncaster dentist. There are numerous instances where this can be done, and these include: 

  • People who have previously had metal braces or Invisalign but the teeth have relapsed cases where there is mild-moderate crowding. Sometimes things can look more difficult than they actually are!

  • Pre-restorative alignment: Some patients are interested in having veneers and may benefit hugely from a short course of teeth movement.

The take-home message is that everyone wants quick straight teeth but bear in mind that treatment for each case is individual and extremely customised. Our dentists at Syndal Dentistry always aim to finish the case quickly and reasonably without compromising the final result.

If your case is likely to take a longer time to finish, we will take the time to analyse and explain exactly why it is the case. If you want to know if you are an eligible candidate for quick straight teeth, then do not hesitate to come in for a consultation.

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