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Whoever propagated the belief that looks don’t matter has not considered the impact that a beautiful smile can create – both for the people around and the person who is smiling. Apart from spreading more smiles and joy, it also allows an opportunity for uninhibited self-expression. But sometimes, minor issues can really come in the way of an otherwise perfect smile. Cosmetic dentists near Balwyn can help correct these, and help create a natural-looking smile.

Put simply, aesthetic dentistry refers to those practices and procedures that help teeth look better, while also maintaining or enhancing their function. Apart from common cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening and veneers, it also includes orthodontic work and smile makeovers.

Do you want to fix your chipped, broken, crooked, misshapen or discoloured teeth?

At Syndal Dentistry, we offer a wide range of quality treatment options to give you the smile you deserve. Our dentists do a comprehensive assessment of your teeth, face and smile to come up with a personalised “smile design” before discussing the best cosmetic option for you.

Porcelain veneers

What are porcelain veneers?

Veneers are a thin layer of custom-fitted porcelain that is bonded permanently to your tooth. They are long-lasting, stain-resistant, and a versatile way to improve and give a natural, beautiful smile.

When would I need porcelain veneers?

Veneers can be used to:

  • Correct mild crowding: veneers can be made to mask some slight crowding or crookedness, to give the appearance of a straighter smile
  • Correct small gaps between teeth: veneers can be made slightly wider or larger to close a gap between your teeth. Your smile is assessed as as whole so that your veneers are suited to your face
  • Protect a root canal treated tooth: a tooth that has undergone root canal treatment can oftentimes be more prone to fracturing; sometimes a veneer is suitable for such a tooth, as it can cap and protect the tooth.
  • Brighten and whiten your smile: sometimes teeth whitening is not suitable for certain types of staining. Veneers can be made whiter to cover up discoloured teeth

Resin veneers

Resin veneers, or composite resin veneers, is a cost-effective alternative to dental veneers. A material called resin composite is bonded directly to the tooth to fix a variety of cosmetic concerns and give a natural smile. After your smile is assessed and treatment planned, dental bonding is customised to your smile, and has the added advantage of same-day treatment!

Resin bonding can correct problems similar to what a veneer can, including:

  • Mild crowding : dental bonding can mask and realign slightly crooked teeth
  • Gaps between teeth : dental bonding can close gaps by lengthening or widening your teeth
  • Whiten your smile : you may choose to have your dental bonding match the natural shade of your teeth as closely as possible, but you can also choose a brighter, whiter shade with your dental bonding. Bonding can also mask discoloured teeth.
  • Repair a chipped tooth : dental bonding is a conservative way to fix a chipped or broken tooth - there is minimal or even no preparation required.
  • Irregular, worn, misshapen teeth : like veneers, dental bonding can realign and re-shape teeth to give a straight, natural smile.

Teeth whitening

Does teeth whitening work?
Teeth whitening is a safe and effective procedure that involves using hydrogen peroxide, a bleaching agent, to give your teeth a whiter smile. Teeth whitening is great for extrinsic staining, which are stains that form on your teeth and usually caused by foods and drinks such as red wine, tea and coffee.

We recommend take-home whitening, an effective way to whiten your teeth, with much more stable results than in-chair whitening. We make you a customised tray and whitening gel for you to use at home every day for about 14 days, or until you reach you’re desired teeth whitening shade.

A customised tray made by our cosmetic dentist near Balwyn is recommended rather than standard kits from the store, as they are individually made to fit your teeth perfectly and hold the gel well against the teeth. This reduces the risk of gum damage, as standard trays may not fit well.

We recommend a check-up and clean before teeth whitening so you can get the best results possible. After your first round of whitening, you can use the custom whitening tray again to top up and refresh your whitening in the future.

At Syndal Dentistry, we believe that creating the right smile can really transform your life. As practicing cosmetic dentist near Balwyn, we commit to doing all we can to give you a smile that brings a smile on your face!

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