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Going to the dentist for the first time may be a bit nerve-wracking for a young patient. At Syndal Dentistry Box Hill, we want to make the experience a positive and empowering one for your children.

To help prepare your child for their first dental visit, we recommend a number of things:

Coming for routine dental check-ups with parents or older siblings: Seeing elders having simple procedures done can help make the kid feel more at ease about going for a visit to the child dentist near Box Hill.

Sitting on the dental chair often: This can get them more used to the dental clinic environment, and what to expect during their first treatment.

Reading children’s books or watching children’s videos on the topic.

For the first visit, we will give you the opportunity to discuss any concerns or questions. We will count your child’s teeth and visually check for any signs of decay or other problems. We can provide oral hygiene and diet-related advice if needed, to make sure your child’s teeth stay problem-free.

We want your child to feel comfortable and relaxed at the clinic, so we will only do whatever treatment they are comfortable with on their first visit - even if it is as simple as having a ride in the dental chair. At Syndal Dentistry, we have mounted TV units, so your child can also relax with their favourite kids’ channel or Netflix.

It’s important for children to have regular dental check-ups so that we can identify problems early and correct them using prevention. We will monitor your child’s teeth and jaw development to make sure that they are on track for a healthy smile.

For the more grown-up children, we offer:

  • Orthodontic assessments
  • Preventive fissure sealants
  • Wisdom teeth assessments

Why Is Kid's Dentistry Important?

Humans begin teething as early as 6 months of age and develop their set of primary ‘milk' teeth. Further, they begin to lose their milk teeth around the age of 6-7 years, and the permanent set of teeth begins to emerge.

Because milk teeth will eventually fall out, some parents avoid taking their child to the dentist near Box Hill. However, these primary teeth serve as the foundation for the development of permanent teeth. If good oral care is not taken, problems that will last a lifetime may arise. 

Dental caries cases in children have increased dramatically in recent years. As a result, it is always advisable to begin caring for your baby's teeth in the very early stages of their life. This includes establishing an oral hygiene routine and visiting your child dentist near Box Hill regularly.

Teach Your Children Important Paediatric Dental Care Tips

Teeth health is critical to your child's overall health. They assist your child in eating and talking. Strong oral hygiene helps your child develop good dental habits as he or she grows. Poor oral hygiene can result in infection, disease, or other dental issues.

Here are some ideas to make dental hygiene more enjoyable:

  • Allow children to assist in selecting their toothbrushes. They can select one with their favourite colour or character.
  • Allow children to assist in the selection of toothpaste. They can select their preferred flavour.
  • Read dental hygiene books or watch dental hygiene videos.
  • Set a timer to ensure that children brush their teeth for 2 minutes. Play their favourite song to help them keep time.
  • Reward children who practise good oral hygiene. Don’t give them sticky food or sugary treats. Instead, offer something healthy or simple, such as apple slices.
  • Plan a fun activity to do after your child's dentist appointment near Box Hill.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule

We also offer Medicare bulk-billed treatment for up to $1052 for children under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS).

The CDBS offers general dentistry, including check-ups and cleans, and X-rays. Fissure sealants, fillings, root canal therapy and extractions for eligible children aged 2 to 17 years. This covers treatment up to $1052 over a two-year calendar period.

Our staff can check your Medicare card and number to see if your child is eligible.

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