Effects of thumb-sucking on your kid’s oral health

Effects of thumb-sucking on your kid’s oral health

Your little munchkin’s giggle and make cute noises while sleeping, making every parent want to look at them for as long as possible. However, nothing compares to the sight of your newborn drifting peacefully, dreaming while sucking their thumb.

Children begin sucking their thumbs almost immediately after birth. This endearing habit may endanger their teeth in the future and cause a variety of oral problems as they age. To avoid dental problems in the later stage, it is best to consult a certified child dentist in Mount Waverley.

Effects of Thumb Sucking

Because of this adorable thumb-sucking habit, your child’s teeth may get out of place in the gum line. It can also change the shape of your child’s mouth. When they suck their thumb, it puts pressure on the roof of their mouth, causing it to change shape later.

Thumb sucking is a minor issue with milk teeth. This can have an adverse effect on their permanent teeth where they may become crowded or crooked as they grow.

The duration and intensity with which they suck their thumb influence the severity of any dental problem. If your child puts their thumb in their mouth for comfort, it may have little effect on their tooth development. But, if they suck vigorously then it can result in long-term, significant changes.

We recommend getting in touch with an experienced paediatric dentist at Syndal Dentistry to avert possible long-term dental issues in your children.

Common dental problems caused by thumb sucking:

    • The upper jaw protrudes further from your child’s face than it should be
    • Development of overbite, a condition in which the upper front teeth extend out and upward
    • Lower front teeth become angled in your child’s mouth rather than straight
    • Create a gap between the upper and lower teeth during a bite
    • Incompetence to bite front teeth together
    • The mouth’s roof pushes up and narrows
    • The possibility of lisp development
    • Your child’s tongue not sitting in a normal position in their mouth

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