What are composite veneers?

Composite veneers, also alternatively known as resin composite veneers, resin veneers or dental bonding, refer to the same type of cosmetic procedure. 

The term veneer describes a thin facing that is applied to a surface in order to alter its shape, colour or form. Most people are familiar with porcelain veneers, which as the name suggests, the material used to fabricate the veneer consists of ceramic/porcelain. 

A composite veneer is a thin layer of material (called resin composite) that is applied directly to the teeth, which are then shaped and polished to improve the aesthetics of the teeth.

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Who can get composite veneers in Melbourne?

There are many situations where composite veneers or dental bonding can correct imperfections and provide someone with a beautiful and confident smile. These include:

  • Discoloured teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • To close gaps
  • Worn teeth
  • Teeth having surface erosion

Should I get porcelain veneers or composite veneers in Mount Waverley?

At Syndal Dentistry, we assess each patient individually. The goal of our cosmetic dentistry is to satisfy a patient’s physical and emotional needs whilst being financially viable.

There will be circumstances where composite veneers are preferred whilst other times where porcelain veneers are more suited. A thorough discussion needs to be had with your dentist where the cost and benefit of each type of treatment are weighed, thereby leading to the best aesthetic outcome.

That being said, the following instances are where dental bonding may be chosen over porcelain veneers:

The patient does not want any preparation for their teeth. In order to place porcelain veneers, some tooth structure removal is required to provide space for the overlying porcelain. This removal of tooth structure is irreversible. Once porcelain veneers are placed then the patient will need to always have them. On the other hand, composite veneers are almost always placed without any tooth preparation at all. That means, if the patient wants to remove them then they can be carefully taken off without damaging the underlying teeth. This provides a certain level of reversibility to the procedure.

Resin bonding composite veneers are recommended for younger patients in Melbourne. For younger patients, we prefer to not remove any tooth structure. Veneers whether placed in resin or porcelain will need to be replaced over time (nothing lasts forever!). Therefore, if someone is young then we want to maintain as much natural tooth structure as possible. In addition, composite veneers provide the individual with the opportunity to transition from resin bonding to porcelain veneers later on if they wish.

Small corrections: There are instances whereby very small changes made to the teeth can make a huge difference to a person’s smile. If you can achieve this with composite veneers or small additions without removing tooth structure then that is the best option. It does not make sense to remove tooth structure to place porcelain veneers if we can achieve the same outcome more conservatively.

Composite Veneer Process

This is perhaps the most important appointment as ultimately, it is all about you. During this visit, we want to get to know you and ensure that the end results meet your expectations. We will assess the teeth and smile and provide professional guidance on what treatment would provide the best aesthetic outcome. 

For the optimal final outcome, we need to ensure that the teeth and gums are healthy. This is of paramount importance to the longevity of your smile makeover! Take advantage of our new patient check-up and clean offer which includes any X-rays and photo records.  

At Syndal Dentistry, we are uncompromising in our attention to detail and pursuit of work of the highest quality. Akin to an architectural design for a building, the Digital Smile Design is an architectural plan for a beautiful smile. 

In order to achieve the most aesthetic smile, we embrace the concept of ‘visagism’. This is a visual composition of someone’s face to their teeth and smile. We want to create teeth that are harmonious with the lips and face as well as incorporate your personality!  

Having a Digital Smile Design will allow us to predictably reproduce our designs with extremely high accuracy.  

The bonding appointment is pain-free and, in most cases, does not require any anaesthetic at all! This is because placing composite veneers does not require tooth structure removal.  

The tooth surface will be treated with a special tooth shampoo called ‘etch’ followed by the bond (glue) to allow the surface to adhere to the composite. The composite is then layered by taking into consideration different colours and recreating natural translucencies in the tooth. This process usually takes around 4 hours for 8 teeth. The veneers are then shaped and polished to a high shine resulting in a bright white smile. 

Porcelain vs Composite Veneers

Composite veneers
Porcelain veneers

How to care for composite veneers in Mount Waverley?

Composite veneers are relatively simple to maintain. When properly manufactured and bonded, the junction between the tooth and veneer should be imperceptible. As a result, home care should be similar to that of other teeth:

  • Avoid using abrasive toothpaste.
  •  Only use a soft-bristle toothbrush.
  •  Floss daily between your veneers.
  •  Avoid overconsumption of staining food and beverages.
  •  Avoid biting on anything hard and brittle. Do not chew anything with your natural teeth that you should not chew. (Ice, bones, olive pits, fingernails, and popcorn kernels).
  •  Wear a night guard if you grind or clench your teeth while sleeping to reduce the stress on all of your teeth. Avoid putting excessive strain on your teeth during strenuous exercise.
  •  Please notify us right away if your bite feels slightly heavy on any of your new veneers.

We would like you to return to our practice at Syndal Dentistry in a week or two after your composite veneers have been permanently bonded to assess the treatment. Our dentist will evaluate the gum response, and address any questions you may have. For effective and pain-free resin bonding or composite veneers in Melbourne, feel free to connect with us.


Composite veneers generally last around 5-8 years. What you eat, how you clean, and how you use them play a big part in their longevity. With regular maintenance and care, they can last longer.

If the full surface of the tooth requires coverage with resin, the cost is $750 per tooth. If only a portion of the tooth requires coverage then the fee will be adjusted accordingly. Payment plans are available.

In general, it is much easier to make porcelain veneers look more aesthetic than composite as it is made outside of the mouth. However, in the hands of a highly skilled dentist, resin veneers can look just as good as porcelain.

They cannot be whitened with conventional teeth whitening. However, they can be polished and this is recommended at least once a year to keep them smooth and shiny.

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