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4 Best Options to Replace Missing Teeth

Having a missing tooth or teeth can have plenty of negative implications. It can alter the appearance of your smile, weaken your jaw, and significantly impact your bite. Aside from being unattractive, missing teeth can be detrimental to your oral health.

You may lose a tooth due to a lot of reasons, including an injury, gum disease, severe tooth decay, or a genetic condition. However, regardless of how you lose your teeth, it is critical that you replace them as soon as possible.

Our family dentist in Mount Waverley have curated a variety of restorative treatments depending on your dental conditions and needs.

Here are some best options you can go with:

Dental implants

Dental implants are one of the most preferred restorative treatments. A metal post is put in place of the root, followed by an artificial, natural-looking tooth that replaces the missing tooth. The treatment process takes a lot of time as the implant needs to fuse with the jaw bone, but the results last for years, if not decades.

Fixed dental bridge

If you are not comfortable with a dental implant, a family dentist would analyse your teeth to understand if you are a candidate for a fixed dental bridge. This restorative treatment is an excellent option if you are missing a couple of teeth in a row.

In fixed dental bridge treatment, dentists use dental prosthesis devices to bridge the gap caused by missing teeth. The artificial teeth are placed on adjacent teeth and then affixed using dental cement.

Removable partial dentures

This is an excellent option if you are looking to replace a few of your teeth. Here the dentist replaces the missing teeth using natural-looking pink base prosthesis.

The base of the denture looks similar to the colour of your gums, and the teeth match the colour of your natural teeth. If you need to replace multiple teeth in one area of your mouth, a removable partial denture may be an option.

Removable full denture

Depending on how many teeth you have now, removable complete dentures can be an option. This treatment can be quite invasive and necessitates multiple visits to a dentist at Mount Waverley or your nearby area.

A removable complete denture, as opposed to a removable partial denture, replaces the majority, if not all, of the missing teeth.

While a removable complete denture is both aesthetically pleasing and functional, it can be uncomfortable and should not be worn 24 hours a day.

Why visit a family dentist in Mount Waverley?

A dentist at practices like Syndal Dentistry can assist you in determining the best treatment for your missing teeth after assessing the condition of your gums, teeth, jawbone, and overall health. A dentist can work closely with you to help make an informed decision on the replacement options for your missing teeth.

If you have missing teeth or a tooth, contact our dentist in Mount Waverley for gentle dental treatment!

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