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3 common cosmetic dental procedures to enhance your smile

A beautiful smile is essential, it draws the attention of those around, and conveys that you are confident and in control. Furthermore, in today’s image-conscious world, having a brighter, straighter smile is more important than ever. Our appearance and smile influence almost everything around us, from relationships to careers.

But what if your teeth are discoloured, disfigured, chipped, or crooked?

This is where cosmetic dentistry comes in. It can help you achieve the perfect smile you’ve always wanted. Cosmetic dentistry includes a variety of procedures such as bonding, crowns, veneers (resin composite veneers and porcelain veneers), teeth whitening and teeth straightening.

However, teeth whitening, crowns and veneers are the most common cosmetic dental treatments.

Teeth Whitening:

This is one of the most opted cosmetic dental procedures. With every sip of coffee, tea, wine, or other staining beverage, your teeth become pale, affecting your smile. In a professional teeth whitening treatment, the cosmetic dentist could use bleaching or laser to make your teeth bright again. However, it is essential to clean up the plague build-up and food particles.

Please note that everyone does not qualify for a bleaching procedure, so it is essential to check with your dentist first.


Crowns, also known as caps, are custom-made by a cosmetic dentist to fit over your whole teeth. They are usually made of porcelain or acrylic and fused to metal to endure biting pressure. They are used to treat teeth that are severely decayed, poorly shaped, chipped, broken, or have a large filling. Plus, they alleviate the discomfort and cover up spaces between the teeth.


Veneers are wafer-thin, custom-made ceramic shells that cover the front of your damaged tooth. They appear remarkably real and solve a wide range of cosmetic issues, from cracked to crooked teeth, damaged enamel to noticeable gaps between teeth. Furthermore, compared to crowns, they provide a more conservative approach to changing the shape and colour of a tooth.

Who doesn’t want a striking smile and brighter teeth? Cosmetic dentistry can assist you in achieving the perfect, pearly smile. Porcelain veneers or resin composite veneers can correct an uneven gum line, chipped or worn teeth, and with teeth whitening treatment, you get captivating bright teeth. However, it must be carefully planned in line with your needs and expectations. To learn more about cosmetic dental procedures, contact our dentists at Syndal Dentistry.

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